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Why I have resolved to make it a happy new year

on March 9, 2012
National Guard Minnesota Performing push ups i...

I could soon be like this man

IN JUST a couple of weeks’ time it’s a fair bet that a good number of you will be fretting over your New Year resolutions.
Handing over your hard-earned cash to the new gym you are “definitely going to stick with this year”, perhaps passing on that fourth choc chip all butter shortbread biscuit when the plate comes round, that‘s what the first couple of weeks of January have in store for some of you.
Well with all the excesses of Christmas, it’s about time you got fit, you‘ll tell your pals.
Not me though. I’ll be skipping it this year. And the reason? It’s because I am way ahead of you.
I mentioned a couple of months ago how my wife and I had decided to shed a few pounds and even started a bit of healthy competition, if you’ll pardon the pun, with the winner of our Friday weigh in picking that night’s film (the nights just fly by in Chez Short, they really do).
Anyhow, it effectively means my New Year resolution kicked in in late September. ‘Ave it! as a much more famous, much fatter man than me might say.
I’ll be honest though, when I started the new regime, I expected to have a lot more to show for it by Christmas.
A few pounds have gone, sure.
Sadly, like all New Year resolutions, even those started in late September, they tend to frazzle out.
I am already eating like a pig again and then convincing myself that 10 push ups when I get up in the morning will cover it – then stand looking at the weighing scales in amazement when they say I’ve only lost a ounce at best.
My wife, bless her, kindly suggested that “maybe the fat has turned to muscle, which is heavier”.
She can afford to take pity on my rubbish efforts though.
For Mrs Short has turned into Jane Fonda. When she’s not doing a home workout with some psycho personal trainer on DVD she’s out running. Talk about dedication.
And she recently dropped this bombshell: “I’ve signed us up for the Great Manchester Run,” she breezily declared, between star jumps.
That means by May I have to be able to run 10k without dying. It’s no small task.
To help her, Mrs Short has been following an NHS podcast called “Couch to 10k” which starts you off running for just a minute or so in your first few days and builds up, over a few months, to the 10k mark. She’s six weeks in and going well.
Luckily, I‘ve found a similar programme online. It gets you up to 5k in six weeks. So by my reckoning I can just do it twice in a row, which means I don’t need to start it till February. Result!

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